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What is OASYS ?

OASYS is an Online-assessment System that allows for easy building, delivering, and sharing your tests with your students. And to answer them just as simply.

Still in development, OASYS already offers a multitude of functionalities designed to help you create your assessments.

Use it now in your class by simply filling out the form. In addition, the OASYS team is available for providing support and demoing the tool at your school.


Make your work easier, from the creation of your test to the correction of the answers, with the help of multiple features, such as automated scoring or the possibility to easily reuse your tests.

Engaging &

Use a large variety of question types including multiple and single choice(s), textfields, slider/ slikert, rich medias (audio and videos), and concept maps.

A collaborative

Share your questions and tests, or work with other teachers on your test material, using a shared content library.


OASYS is a web-based tool, and can be used on a computer, tablet or smartphone.


Provide your content in several languages, including Luxembourgish, German, French and English.

Participation monitoring

Can be used not only for testing but also as a teaching tool with traceable participation.

Free tool

Available to all Luxembourg schools for free, by simple request.

And much more to discover...


Designed in

Originally created for the national school monitoring program Épreuves Standardisées (ÉpStan), OASYS presents successful applications in large-scale, experimental, and survey data collections since 2010.

In order to develop the tool for educational use, SCRIPT and the University of Luxembourg have teamed up to design OASYS4schools to enable teachers all over Luxembourg to set up digital tests for their students


specifically for
the educational

The main objective of the OASYS4schools project is to provide an assessment tool specifically designed to meet pedagogical and educational needs.

Still in development and in constant evolution, It is essential for us to jointly build the tool with education actors in Luxembourg.
This is why we involve teachers and students in the development of the tool, via co-design workshops, where we define together what OASYS should offer to faciliate their educational activities and meet their expectations.

By collaboration with current and future users, we ensure that we develop a solution that is adapted to the needs of teachers and students, to support their work, and provide an easy-to-use digital assessment tool.


Join our

We are looking for teachers and students for a new co-design study!

Share your ideas about the ideal e-assessment tool. Our study has two sessions. We will compensate your efforts with a 30€ voucher.

Session 1

(60 minutes, remotely) Create ideas and enhance ideas by other participants remotely, at a meet.

Session 2

(60 minutes, in presence) Present and discuss your ideas with other participants.
Contribute your ideas to make the teachers’ lives and jobs better!
Use the contact form below if you are interested.

Take part in the OASYS4schools project.

Are you interested in testing OASYS in your classes? Do you want to be involved in the co-creation workshops? Please reach out by filling this form!

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