Discover OASYS4Schools, an online assessment system developed with and for teachers.

The digital transformation has arrived in our education sector. An important part of this transformation is the shift away from classical paper tests towards e-assessments. 

In that respect, SCRIPT and have teamed up to develop OASYS4schools to enable teachers all over Luxembourg to set up digital tests for their students. 

In order to ensure that this e-assessment system is easy-to-use and meets the specific needs of teachers and students, the solution is being designed together with teachers.

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OASYS is an easy-to-use online-assessment system (Photo: LStockStudio/

What is OASYS?

OASYS is an Online-Assessment System, a testing and exam platform. Simple to access, it is a computer and web based e-testing solution that allows for easy building, delivering and sharing your tests. And to answer them just as simply. 

A solution designed in Luxembourg

Originally developed for the national school monitoring programme Épreuves Standardisées (ÉpStan), OASYS presents successful applications in large-scale, experimental and survey data collections since 2010.

It was developed and designed by LUCET and COSA/HCI, an interdisciplinary research-based team with over a decade of experience in Computer-Based Assessment, from the University of Luxembourg.

Developed specifically for the educational context

The OASYS4schools project is a joint initiative of SCRIPT and, with the aim of building an assessment tool specifically designed to meet pedagogical and educational needs.

This is why we are designing this tool in collaboration with education actors in Luxembourg: to develop a new solution adapted specifically to the teachers’ and students’ needs, in order to support their work and provide an easy-to-use tool for e-assessment.

Interested? Join our co-design study!

We are looking for participants for a new co-design study!

Share your ideas about the ideal e-assessment tool. Our study has two sessions. We will compensate your efforts with a 50 € voucher for participating in both sessions.

  • Session 1 (60 minutes, remotely & individual): Create ideas and enhance ideas by other participants
  • Session 2 (60 minutes, collaborative at the University of Luxembourg): Present and discuss your ideas with other teachers.

Contribute your ideas to make OASYS fit your needs! Use the contact form below if you are interested.

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Share your ideas in our co-design study (Photo: OPOLJA/

Take part in the OASYS4schools project.

Please select all that apply. You can also leave a message below if you are interested in something else or want to provide more details.

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